Shane Somers

I have been in the tattoo industry for around 34 years working in all styles and specialising in custom pieces. After running multiple successful tattoo studios and winning multiple awards, I now tattoo in my private studio, District 21, on the outskirts of the coastal town of Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK.

I started my tattoo career with a traditional apprenticeship under the guidance of John Sargerson, a Celtic Art Specialist who was mentored by Micky Sharpz. I learnt my craft and my passion grew stronger with each tattoo that I did. I was lucky to be in the circle I was in, as back then it was a difficult industry to get into, and you had to work very hard for it.

I enjoy all styles of tattooing, and believe that no matter how long you do something there is always more to learn. I feel very fortunate to have been taken in by my mentors, and will always be truly grateful.

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