About Sacred Ink

We Put 27 Years of Experience into Sacred Ink

Adam Everett has been making professional tattoo inks since 1996. From his early days at Fantasia, to when Eternal Tattoos wanted their own line of ink he was there to bring his own recipe to them in 2004. After working there for several years along with his wife, Peggy, he decided to branch out and start his own company with a group of people in California to start Fusion Ink, where he was the master chemist and CEO. In 2017 he sold his part of Fusion to his business partner and honored a 5 year noncompete agreement with them. During that 5 years he kept a close eye on the industry and the ever-changing laws regarding this industry. That 5 years ended in November of 2022 and since then he has been working on branding his new product Sacred Tattoo Ink.


We’re A True Family Affair

A true family business with it being Adam, his wife Peggy, his only brother Steve Everett and wife Jeanne Everett. When you call us at Sacred Tattoo Ink you will be talking to one of our family members….every time!! We will pride ourselves in bringing you the very best, and safest inks on the market today along with giving each of you the best customer service in the industry.

Our colors are all made and produced in our class A clean room in our Northeast Texas facility. We are so looking forward to talking to each and every one of you and seeing you all on the road along the way. Thank you all for using Sacred Tattoo Inks…because every body is temple.

About Adam

Adam Everett has been working in tattoo ink throughout his career. He’s an experienced chemist that understands the properties that artists look for in ink–from color fastness to consistency and ease of use.

He began his career working for Fantasia Art Supply in Northeast Texas, but he’s also worked with international brands like Eternal Ink. In 2004, he brought Eternal Ink his signature recipe and worked there for several years.

He founded Fusion Ink and served as its head chemist and CEO until he sold his share of the company in 2017.

He founded Sacred Ink in 2022 to be able to provide working artists with high-quality inks backed by personalized customer service they can depend on.