Rowan Magennis

I am a South African, fantasy tattoo artist based out of Dark Age Tattoo Fort Worth, Texas. My passion for tattooing started with the desire to tell bright and colorful stories through digital designs using photobashing, digital paintings and 3D concept art.
I recently graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas with a bachelors degree in 3D Animation and Game Design. My goal is to further this knowledge to innovate new ways of storytelling in tattooing using tools like unreal engine to create a virtual element to the final tattoo as a product.
I love working with my clients to create bright and colorful ‘idealized realism’ tattoos with a heavy game influence. Black and gray is also incredibly fun to work with when creating impactful, moody fantasy pieces. My favorite subject matter to tattoo is High, Epic, Dark and surreal fantasy spanned out over larger pieces such as leg/ arm panels and back pieces.