JoJo Ackermann

My love for tattoos goes back to my early pre-teen years. My uncle and some older veteran friends of my parents had tattoos and I was beyond curious. I got my first tattoo at the age of 14 (hand poked) without permission from my folks and took the chance to get another soon after that. Having a tattoo was rebellious and anti-social, which fit the punk Rock attitude and lifestyle I had chosen to follow in the 1980s. Fast forward, I started tattooing professionally at the age of 22 in the year 1992, back in my hometown of Lancaster CA. I completed what was considered a traditional apprenticeship for the time under the mentorship of a younger legend named Mike Pike. I worked there for over 15 years learning machines, pigment mixing and other various skills that were part of a Tattooers regular tasks. Without that journeyman training you could not tattoo in the pre internet era. Since then, I enjoy Traveling around the world to visit and work with friends as a guest artist, or to attend and work at various conventions. This is part of the continuation of my tattoo education and professional network.  My friend Robert Atkinson and myself now operate Ten Thousand Waves Tattoo Gallery in Sherman Oaks CA.  I still continue to work and strive to better my abilities every day with the intent to provide my clients the best tattoos I can.