John Wayne Beesting

I’m a self taught tattoo artist who has been at it for about 34 years now. I started out as a airbrush artist in my teens but transitioned into a tattooer when friends asked me to design their tattoos for them to go get tattooed by local shops when I was 17 years of age. It wasn’t long after they asked me to just tattoo them. It’s a long story from there but after many years of dabbling and trying it I decided in 1995 to name it Beesting Tattoo. Since then it’s been steam rolling from there into what I’ve become as an artist. With using alot of different machines over the years one thing was clear , I found the perfect ink for what I needed to achieve , and am still with him today!. I’ve been published and won my share of awards. I specialize mostly in colour realism but I find I love doing as many styles as possible.

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