Damon Conklin

I started my tattoo career after a few years doing background and monster design for video games I started at slave to the needle in 96 working for Aaron bell who would turn out to be a life long friend. after a couple years with Benjamin moss and Gilbert jumping eagle at apocalypse tattoo I started Supergenius tattoo in Capitol Hill right in the heart of party mountain in January of 2002. In 2001 Gloria Connors and myself started the Seattle tattoo expo still going strong to this day with hidden hand tattoo under the leadership of Jeff Cornell RIP and his wife April as the host shop. Supergenius tattoo is still going strong 21 years later with a host of amazing and talented artists making cool people look even cooler. I personally specialize in bold colorful illustrative neo traditional ish tattoos and traveling the world. I love tattooing as much as I did on day one and it has been good to me.