BillyJack Gunter

My name is Billyjack Gunter, I’ve been a tattoo artist for 32 years. I apprenticed at Dancing Dragon Tattoo in Tennessee under James Phillips and Chris Pavelchik. After finising my apprenticeship I then opened up Artistic Encounter Tattoo #1 in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Shortly after, I opened up Artistic Encounter #2, then #3, and then in 2004 I moved AE to Dallas, Texas opening up 3 more locations since then. I’m now living in Texas, married to the beautiful and talented Stephanie Vixen and together have an amazing son Jaxton. We are throwing our very own Tattoo Convention and Competition; Deeplines Tattoo Fest and filming the tattoo world through Deeplines.TV. To check out all of adventures go to I’m an OOG in the tattoo game specializing in color bomb, photo realism. Loud, colorful and bold, I also love large black and gray style tattoos. I own Artistic Encounter Tattoo Studios in Dallas, Texas.